DATA ENGINEERING  -  A new field of study at Gdańsk University of Technology

Candidates from foreign countries are strongly encouraged to enroll in the new field of engineer study at GUT: Data Engineering. The studies are conducted by two faculties: Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics (recruiting faculty) and Faculty of Management and Economics.

These interdisciplinary studies are a response to companies’ demand for data analysts - information technology specialists who are also familiar with economics and management. The studies  address challenges of Big Data phenomenon that is drastically changing processes taking place in our economic, social and technical environment.

A graduate in data engineering will be prepared to participate in interdisciplinary projects related to design and use of IT tools to streamline information collection and processing, particularly for business decision making.

Studies are conducted in English and Polish, but the first two years of study are exclusively in English. For best foreign students 10 scholarships will be funded, each 1500 PLN per month.

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