Praktyka w ESN Minho / ESN Minho Internship opportunity

Erasmus Student Network Minho (ESN Minho) is a non-profit organization which aims the integration and best possible experience of Erasmus students at their host university during their mobility time.

We are a team of near 50 volunteers working for one purpose. For that, we maintain at University of Minho, our ESN office in which we help the mobility students and develop some of our projects. Every semester we are proud to receive interns to help us achieving our goals and developing our projects.


We have vacancies for internships for the summer semester 2016/2017 (from February until June/July) in the following positions:

  • secretary: to work at our office receiving payments, activities registration, office maintenance, merchandising management, to help in some ESN Minho projects related to mobility and so on,
  • graphic/web designer: to help our communication team in their tasks,
  • photographer/videographer: media coverage of our events as well as initiating a new project regarding mobility.

All this in one of the most multicultural environments in the world.


All the candidates should be eligible for an Erasmus+ grant.


For more information, please contact We would be pleased to answer to all of your questions.