The document contains the concept of the development strategy of the Department of ETI for the years 2012-2020, with particular emphasis on the cadency from 2012 to 2016. It sets out the mission of the Faculty and the objectives and activities needed to accomplish this mission, together with an indication of their priorities and resources needed for their implementation. Presented concept of the development strategy of the Faculty is a continuation of the strategy pursued in the last cadency of the authorities. Experience with the implementation of specific objectives were the basis of reference for current as well as made it possible to define more precisely the priority tasks to carry out, particularly in the cadency 2012-2016.
The target audience of this document is primarily a community of staff and students ETI GUT, and the rector authorities GUT. This document should not be regarded as a definitive list of objectives and actions to achieve those objectives, but rather as a proposal for discussion throughout the academic environment ETI GUT.

Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics Development Strategy for the years 2012-2020 – document in polish