Invited lectures


1. Andrzej Lingas (Lund University): An efficient detection of small pattern graphs.


2. Adrian Kosowski (IRIF/Inria Paris): What makes a distributed problem truly local?


3. Bartek Sawik (AGH Krakow): Multi-criteria optimization models for real-life applications.


4. Paweł Żyliński (Gdansk University): Art Gallery Problem for lines and line segments


5. Jarosław Grytczuk (Jagiellonian University): Entropy compression method in graph coloring


6. Ingo Schiermeyer (TUB Freiberg): Vertex coloring and forbidden subgraphs.


7. Dariusz Dereniowski (Gdansk Univ. of Technology): Online graph exploration: selected models and algorithms


8. Marek Kubale (Gdansk Univ. of Technology): Small graphs that cause big problems.