If you need something related to the laboratory please write me an e-mail. Please remember to describe in detail what the problem is, I'm not an oracle :) If it is project/classes related always add your supervisor from the department.

Account creation

Accounts are created for every student of ARSI/DAIS (as soon as I get the lists from the Deans Office). If for some reason you are not a KASK student and you need an account please write me an e-mail containing:

  • first name,
  • family name,
  • index number,
  • working e-mail (if you are a student/University employee I will always use the university e-mail).

In all cases I will send an introductory e-mail tho the one assigned to the account.

I forgot the password

Go to LabAdmin web page and use "Odzyskiwanie hasła" option. You need access to the e-mail associated with the account.

I finished studies but I need the account

I usually lock the accounts month after you should finish your studies. I will send an e-mail with information that I plan on doing so. If you need the account further you just need to reply to the e-mail with some justification and information for how long the account should remain active.

Services deployment

Please look on this web page. Please note that we have limited resources, so it is up to you to fit into the infrastructure not the other way round!

Projects management software

In the laboratory there is Redmine with SVN/GIT support installed. All Departments employees can create new projects. Please contact them. In case of emergency please write to me.

The repositories and Redmine itself can be found ta the following URLs:




Please remember that public projects by default allow read only access to the repository!

If you have problems sending large files to the GIT repository please do the following:

 git config http.postBuffer 524288000
For new GIT repositories Redmine on the Repository tab will show error 404. The new repository is "bare", there is no branch to show, even master. You just need to clone the repository, create master branch and push it to the server.