Novel microwave sensors

Dr. Abhishek K. Jha has developed a novel planar microwave sensor which can easily detect the angle of rotation and the direction of rotation very precisely using the properties of asymmetry. The resents of the research work on a new sensor  have recently been published in the IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, in the paper entitled: “A Highly Sensitive Planar Microwave Sensor for Detecting Direction and Angle of Rotation”. Dr. Jha   has also developed another  planar microwave sensor that can collectively detect two physical quantities, i.e., the angular velocity and the proximity. Due to this multifunctionality, this sensor is unique and can be adopted in the rapid prototyping machine for measuring the rotation of the tool and calibration of the vertical axis. The research work has just been published in the IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, in the article entitled: “A Microwave Sensor with Operating Band Selection to Detect Rotation and Proximity in the Rapid Prototyping Industry”.   This journal is at the highest percentile in its category 99% - by Scopus classification - Control and Systems Engineering, and is highly scored on the list of journals selected by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education – 200 points.  For this publication Dr Jha was awarded by Rector with IDUB premium.

Compared to conventional mechanical or electrical sensors  microwave sensors developed by Dr, Jha are exceptional and advantageous in terms of cost, weight, and size. Dr Jha’s  research on sensors was carried out with the cooperation of Professor Maurizio Bozzi’s group from the University of Pavia (Italy)  and supported by the Foundation for Polish Science within the TEAM-TECH program and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, Smart Growth Operational Program 2014–2020 (project EDISOn: Electromagnetic Design of flexIble SensOrs led by Professor Mrozowski and Professor Lamecki).