Seminaria prof. J-G. MA-terminy

Zapraszamy na seminaria prof. J-G. Ma, terminy:

03.10.2018, godzina 11:00 sala EA122
Title: Design and Future Challenges of RFIC for Wireless/mobile Communications

Abstract: From the application point of view the importance of RFICs have been addressed firstly. Then the design challenging of RFICs will be discussed from the system level to application fields. Because RFIC design is analog circuit design plus the frequency effects, the frequency effects introduced by the interconnects will be illustrated. As an example, an equivalent circuit model has been presented for taking care of the frequency effects.

04.10.2018, godzina 10:00 sala EA122
Title: IoT and Industrie4.0: The Trends and Challenging

Abstract: The talk begins with the hot topic of Internet-of-things (IoT) together with the confused definition of IoT, and the IoT has been introduced as the results of the informationization. The definition of IoT has been given with the differences from the RFID/Wireless-sensing-networks/Internet. We define IoT is TO LET THE THING TALK! The key characteristics of IoT has been discussed followed by the key challenges of IoT. From application point of view IoT has those principles: Prediction, Protection, and Prevention. The privacy issues for IoT will be also discussed.