SafeIDEA Automation Student Research Group, at the Department of Robotics and Decision Systems, operating since 2008. Successfully expanding in the student environment, among students of Automation and Robotics, interest in science, research and engineering and the association. The special field of activity of the Research Group is the field of automatics, robotics, cybernetics and artificial intelligence. SafeIDEA members are thriving in this field - using intellectual backroom and hardware. By implementing innovative projects, outside of existing projects, students from the Research Group have the opportunity to develop their skills in the team. The Centurio, Arti and PneuMobil, Helicopters (HeliEagle, FeniX), the Zeppelin (SCIenter) and the Intelligent Character of the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway (PKM), as well as Many leading places in the international Odyssey Mind competition, held annually in the United States. (PAB) and foreign (SAAB, Folkswagen, Texas Instruments). Wheel members also take part in the promotion of AiR among high school children and adolescents (eg within the framework of the Baltic Science Festival).

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