Visual TreeCmp Visual TreeCmp
Comprehensive Comparison of Phylogenetic Trees on the Web

What is Visual TreeCmp?

The Visual TreeCmp application was designed to compute distances between arbitrary phylogenetic trees. Visual TreeCmp is the first implementation of Matching Split/Cluster/Pair metrics and the first efficient and convenient implementation of Nodal Splitted. It allows to compare relatively large trees. Offers an implementation of metrics with better computational efficiency than available tools, allowing to compare trees with a large number of leaves.

rich collection of available phylogenetic metrics

The Visual TreeCmp implements twelve metrics that can be calculated in polynomial time for arbitrary (not only bifurcating) trees.

Five metrics for unrooted trees:

Seven metrics for rooted trees

four comparison modes

There are four modes of comparing trees available:

practical additional options

We also propose a way to obtain normalized distances between trees, which indicate whether two trees are more dissimilar than two random trees with the same number of leaves according to a given metric. Application allow summarizing for each metric such parameters as: number of compared trees, average value, standard deviation, minimum and the maximum value.

multiple forms and additional tool

Visual TreeCmp is available in three forms, as:

Additionally, in Visual TreeCmp package we have included a cross-platform phylogenetic random trees generator (PRTGen) implemented in C++.