Elewacja frątowa gmachu ETI B

The Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics (ETI) is the largest of the University’s faculties, currently comprising of 16 departments employing nearly 200 academic teachers and researchers, including three Corresponding Members of Polish Academy of Sciences and two IEEE Fellows
Currently, at the Faculty educates  about 3000 students at Eng or MSc Eng levels, and doctoral studies.
The ETI Faculty has had the highest category in scientific research since 1992. This is at present category A, according to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education classification system. The Faculty’s scientific activities are diverse and the main areas of research are analogous to the subjects taught to students.

Teaching activity

The Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics  is one of the largest Faculties of the Gdańsk University of Technology. It consists of 16 departments and with over 3500 students enrolled at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level studies. Altogether, the Faculty’s Departments employ:

  •   23 professors,
  •   36 doctors with habilitation (DSc)
  • 118 doctors (PhD)
  • approx. 133 masters (MSc)

The staff quality and quantity fulfills requirements for the Faculty to grant doctoral degrees in five disciplines: electronics, telecommunications, informatics, control engineering & robotics and biocybernetics & biomedical engineering, as well as habilitation degrees in three disciplines: electronics, telecommunications and informatics. The Faculty also runs doctoral studies in each of these disciplines.

Research activity

The Faculty’s research activity is broad and diverse, andcovers practically all modern ICT technologies, including:

  • computer science and computer engineering
  • wireless and mobile technologies
  • audio- and hydroacoustics
  • microwave theory and technology;
  • theory and technology of control engineering and robotics;
  • computer-controlled electronic systems;
  • optoelectronics;
  • theory and technology of telecommunication systems;
  • medical electronics
  • and many others.

Detailed information on specific research areas and achievements can be found on the Departments’ web sites at http://eti.migracja.pg.edu.pl/departments