Pracownicy katedry

The Department of Software Engineering carries out scientific research in the field of computer science, educates high-class IT specialists and cooperates with the industrial environment in the field of transfer of scientific results to practical applications.

The main research areas of the Department include: risk management and security of information systems, knowledge and data management, modern methods of software engineering, affective computing and the usability of mobile software.

The Department is involved in the implementation of field of study and profile subjects at first-cycle studies and specialization subjects at second-cycle studies, as well as offers post-graduate studies. In particular, the Department runs a Database study profile, a basic specialization in Information Systems Engineering and a supplementary specialization in Advanced Data Analysis.

The Department also offers opportunities for IT specialists employed in industry to improve and update their skills and knowledge by offering postgraduate studies in "Modern methods of software engineering".

In 2014, the employees of the Department founded the spin-off company Argevide, whose purpose is to commercialize the results of research in the field of systems security - the NOR-STA software.