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The Multimedia Systems Department runs the research & education specialisation called Sound and Vision Engineering. The Sound and Vision Engineering has now been taught and researched at the Technical University of Gdansk for over 25 years. Sound and Vision Engineering is an interdisciplinary specialisation. Coursework and research encompass such diverse areas as:

  • digital signal processing,
  • multimedia content & telemedicine,
  • cognitive systems applications to audio acoustics of the soft computing methods,
  • musical acoustics (using DSP and artificial intelligence approaches),
  • psychophysiology of hearing and speech production,
  • studio technology,
  • sound synthesis,
  • video technology,
  • architectural acoustics and reinforcement techniques,
  • noise control applications.

The team of the Multimedia Systems Department published some hundreds of technical papers and participated in more than 20 large research & implementation projects, including European project within 5th and 6th Framework.

Graduates of our program are uniquely qualified for a wide variety of positions and can be found in firms and studios in every geographic area of the country. Thanks to the thorough background which our students receive in electronics, telecommunications, acoustics and sound & vision engineering, our department is represented in many important multimedia-related firms and academies and universities, both in Poland and abroad. Moreover, our graduates make careers as successful freelance engineers, practising managers, equipment designers, system designers, technicians, researchers, recording engineers, sound reinforcement engineers, maintenance engineers and more.