CCD Staff

The Department conducts research and teaching in the broad area of computer networking and information systems. Our activities range from basic research and contribution to the foundations of computer communications to participation in engineering projects in cooperation with local institutions and IT industry.

Example research topics include:

  • Design and performance analysis of wired and wireless LAN, MAN, and WAN computer networks,
  • Computer network security with emphasis on wireless communication systems,
  • Design and assessment of reliable transmission mechnisms in ne generation networks,
  • Quality of service evaluation in multiservice IP networks,
  • Analysis and design of distributed communication mechanisms in noncooperative environments,
  • Design and management of cloud-based systems,
  • Deployment of Internet of Things in specific environments (maritime, military, etc.).

The subject matter of our teaching activities includes a wide scope of computer networking and cloud systems technology, covering architecture, performance, management, and design. The Department runs a number of courses in these areas and is responsible for the Computer Networks specialization within the Informatics and Electronics&Telecommunication study line.