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Department of Geoinformatics
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The Department of Geoinformatics is one of the youngest departments at the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics, as it was established in 2003 when it replaced the Department of Telemonitoring which came into existence in 2000. However, the beginnings of the Department date back to a more distant past, to 1953, which nearly coincides with the beginning of the Faculty. That year the Department of Radionavigation was established at the Faculty of Communications of Gdańsk University of Technology.

The Department of Radionavigation, which in 1969 was transformed into the Division of Hydroacoustics and Electroacoustics was, since its beginning, managed by Prof. Zenon Jagodziński , called “the father of Polish Hydroacoustics” as he initiated and developed this area of research in our country. Professor Jagodziński’s team’s biggest accomplishment was the design of a pioneering computer system allowing for the assessment of fish populations. The design was completed in 1970 by (the then) two doctors, Andrzej Stepnowski and Roman Salamon (in cooperation with Mr. Włodzimierz Martin from Ship Building Architecture Faculty GUT, and Dr. Janusz Burczyński from the Sea Fisheries Institute). The system was later used on “Profesor Siedlicki”, the ship built in collaboration with FAO.

In 1992 the Institute was superseded by the Department of Acoustics where (by now) Prof. Stepnowski built a new team in the subsequent years; which in 2000 gave rise to the Department of Telemonitoring under his supervision. In 2003 the Department changed its name to the Department of Geoinformatics, which became the new ‒ and unique in the country ‒ specialisation for the field of studies: Informatics.

The Department conducts research on advanced methods of processing and analysis of signals and data for applications in Geographic Information Systems. These include the applications of geoinformatic systems and spatial analysis in security technologies including the protection of critical infrastructure, specialized applications of navigational equipment and systems, e.g. for supporting the visually impaired, advanced satellite imaging techniques as well as technologies of network and mobile Geographic Information Systems.

The Department also continues work in the field of underwater acoustics. Advanced methods of acoustic surveys for monitoring and mapping of the seabed, living resources, pollution and other elements of the marine environment are developed and implemented. Research is underway on new techniques of three-dimensional visualization and animation of underwater objects.

The Department offers an attractive new specialization in Computer Science: Geoinformatic and Mobile Technologies.

Department office

Anna Bikonis
building WETI A, room EA 744
tel. +48 58 347 29 39