The Department focuses its activities on the problems of synthesis, design and optimization of microelectronic circuits and systems, including micro-electro-mechanical systems (PsoC, CSoC, MEMS) with the emphasis on the following:

  • advanced design and optimization methods of active analog filters;
  • programmable integrated circuits (FPGA, CPLD, SPLDs, FPAA);
  • Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC);
  • synthesis of low-power systems;
  • expert systems;
  • layout design and electromagnetic compatibility of electronic systems;
  • modeling of semiconductor devices;
  • modeling thermoelectric characteristics of electronic devices, especially DC / DC converters.

Educational Offer

Our work concentrates on the development of Microelectronic Systems. It is a primary specialization within the ELECTRONICS & TELECOMMUNICATIONS curriculum and an additional specialization for AUTOMATICS & ROBOTICS and INFORMATICS curricula.

The comprehensive training of our students covers the design (hardware-software) of integrated systems as well as micro- and nano-electronic components with potential applications ranging from computer networks, through wireless telecommunications equipment, to specialized coprocessors and others.

Our well-equipped laboratories support stationary and remote learning for most of the courses the in the Department's offer. A large part of our Programmable Systems Laboratory was founded by Intel Technology Poland.

Our laboratories use the latest design software from CADENCE and XILINX.