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The research conducted by our staff involve problems related to modeling, design, optimization and practical realization of semiconductor-based components, as well as analog and digital CMOS circuits.

The scope of our research covers hardware implementation of image-recognition algorithms, but also design and implementation of hardware solutions for integrated sensor networks. Our work also focus on methods, algorithms, and practical solutions oriented towards development of FPGA and ASIC-based circuits for artificial intelligence, evolutionary optimization, cryptography, or fuzzy systems. Our other interests include development of electromagnetic components and shields with applications in VLSI systems. We also conduct research concerning low-cost design of circuits and components using surrogate-assisted methods, with emphasis on robust numerical optimization and modeling.

Our research is funded by polish and international institutions. A list of the selected projects realized in the Department is below: 

  • Methods of modeling, design and optimization of electronic circuits for ASIC.
  • Theory and design procedures of monolithic Gm-C filters and RC continuous-time active filters.
  • Analysis and optimization of nonlinear distortions and noise in continuous-time OTA-C filters.
  • Theory and application of semiconductor devices and properties of materials used in electronics
  • Methods of analysis and design of analog and digital integrated circuits.
  • Modeling of field effect MOS transistors and novel usage of field effect in semiconductors.
  • Experimental verification of single-section constant current model of field effect transistor.
  • Methods of modeling, design and optimization of laser trimmed film resistors and resistive structures of distributed model.
  • Application of FPGA circuits in cryptography.
  • Parametric identification of farmakinetic system models. Optimization of excitations for parametric identification purposes.

Head of Department

Piotr Płotka, PhD, DSc, prof. GUT
Faculty of ETI A, room EA 301
tel. +48 58 347 16 34

Department Office

Justyna Barszcz, MSc
Faculty of ETI A, room EA 302
tel. +48 58 347 18 45