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Department of Sonar Systems

The main scientific specialization of Department of Sonar Systems is hydroacoustics, especially:

  • hydroacoustic systems (navigation, communication, and echolocation)
  • ultrasonic transducers and antenna hydroacoustic,
  • propagation of acoustic waves in the sea and inland waters.

The research in theoretical acoustics, signal processing and analog and digital ultrasonic technique is also carried out.

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Our Department is a part of Marine Military Technologies Centre in Gdansk University of Technology (Hydroacoustics Team). Center has a license to perform tasks in the field of products and technologies for military or police. In addition, Centre has implemented the quality system which meets the requirements of ISO 9001 and AQAP 2110 (management quality system consistent with the requirements of NATO). 

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Academics and Technical staff has a rich and long experience in the construction of hydroacoustic systems including analysis, design, and execution of complete models, prototypes, as well as short production series. 

Numerous sonar systems have been implemented and are successfully used on ships, airplanes, and helicopters of the Navy, ports, as well as in inland waterways. Constructions, which are built in our Department, meet the high standards of the immunity for equipment dedicated to work in the sea and in the air.


Research work conducted in the Department include:

  • theoretical acoustics and electromagnetics, 
  • spatial filtering 
  • optimization of underwater acoustic signals and systems,
  • underwater acoustic antennae, 
  • propagation of acoustic signals in shallow waters, 
  • techniques of display of underwater acoustic signals, 
  • ultrasonic measurement techniques,
  • broadband interference in speech and underwater acoustic communications,
  • switched-capacitor power supply converters.

Design, programming and construction is being performed in: 

  • underwater acoustic active and passive systems (sonars, echosounders, sound velocity meters, berthing aid, etc.) 
  • low-power analog circuits (amplifiers, filters, generators, mixers, control circuits, etc.) 
  • high power systems (pulsed power amplifiers, power supplies), 
  • digital systems, 
  • microprocessor devices, 
  • real time computer systems,
  • digital signals display sets, 
  • digital signals recording and transmission equipment,
  • ultrasonic transducers and underwater acoustic antennae,
  • acoustic measurements in inland and sea water environment.


mgr inż. Dorota Toboła
building WETI A, room EA 747
phone: +48 58 347 17 17