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Department of Teleinformation Networks

The Department conducts teaching and research activities for the entire The Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics (ETI), in particular for the field of Electronics and Telecommunications.

Department Head

Adrian Bekasiewicz, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor

building WETI A,
tel. +48 58 347 20 19

Didactic Activities.

The Department is committed to the implementation of the profile-specific goals at

As part of these specialties, we prepare students for creative engineering work and to participate in research and development in the field of networks and ICT systems.

The studies prepare the graduate for a synthetic look at the problems of designing and infrastructure for multimedia services in current and Next Generation Networks.

Scientific and Research Activities.

Scope of Department interests is theoretical and application oriented research in modern telecommunication networks and systems, that is Next Generation Networks NGN, and therein concerning Next Generation Internet NGI.

The research conducted in the Department also concerns the assessment of network reliability, the theory and algorithms of digital processing of telecommunications and biomedical signals, modems and transmodulators with digital implementation, linear and non-linear digital filters, security measures using digital multimedia data watermarks.


Agnieszka Kondratowicz, MSc

building WETI A, room EA 602

phone: +48 58 347 19 45