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Hydroacoustics Testing Laboratory

Hydroacoustics Testing Laboratory specializes in the research systems and devices underwater acoustics, such as:

  • ultrasonic transducers,
  • sonar systems, passive and active.
  • underwater telemetry systems,
  • underwater monitoring system of ports, shipyards, river dams and other hydraulic engineering constructions,
  • underwater communication systems.
  • sonar fishing.

The aim of the study is to determine the operating parameters of electro-acoustic devices, among others,

in accordance with Polish and European standards (EN 60565, EN ISO / IEC 17025). Hydroacoustics Testing Laboratory is currently participating in the accreditation process, which is overseen by the Polish Centre for Accreditation PCA.

The laboratory conducts expertise and feasibility studies in the field of underwater acoustics. In addition, the Laboratory conducts research in the analysis and hydroacoustic signal processing, data transmission through the medium of the marine area, metrology and diagnostics of systems and equipment intended for use under water. The laboratory is equipped to specialized equipment to conduct statutory activities and research.

Institutions or individuals (including graduates related to metrology) interested in cooperation in the field of scientific research, please contact the Head of the Laboratory.

The Laboratory also offers training for institutions and individuals in the above-described theme.

The price and scope of services are set individually.